Shoreline / Pond Restoration

Your crew members were the most pleasant people we have met in a long time. They are knowledgeable and creative, and obviously enjoy what they do."

Shoreline restoration includes some elements not associated with traditional retaining wall applications. Usually limited or little access for equipment and materials. Annually revised regulations and codes, severe climate changes, from wet springs, high water, heavy rains, lake activity - boating, frost and sometimes ice heaving.

Shoreline restoration projects can require the Department Of Natural Resources, watershed, city or township approval which can eventually decree or determine the project assembly and fabrication details. Sometimes require special permits.

Boulder Images can include some unique elements to complement your shoreline restoration project, including swimming or shore stations, stepping stone stairways, fireplace pits, elevated patio or gathering areas, etc...

With Boulder images experienced design and installation team your Shoreline restoration project will have the neighbors talking!